Workshops & Parties

Parties and Workshops

Are “SEW” Much Fun!

About our packages: Parties are 2 hours in length Cost: $25 per person *Birthday Child is FREE!

If you use coupon code: BDchildFREE

Min: 5 / Max: 12

We start off in the classroom, with a quick discussion about safety and then it’s on to learning how to use the machines. You will get a few minutes to practice your skills and then it’s on to sewing up your one-of-a-kind project.

Projects will change from time to time as will the fabric choices. We will do our best to keep these projects simple enough for even non-sewers but exciting enough so that everyone goes home happy and proud of their accomplishments during the party.

*Favorite Projects include:

  • Pillows with applique
  • Patchwork pillows
  • Lined Tote bags/book bags
  • Up-cycled t-shirts into tote bags
  • Up-cycled t-shirts into skirts
  • Doll clothes for 18″ dolls (aka American Girl Dolls)
  • NEW —-> TubbyWubby (hand sewing option) These are HOT for all ages!
Sewing 4 Fun Inc.

The remaining time is yours to spend however you like. Our party room has plenty of room for you and your guests to enjoy refreshments and open presents.

Our Party Room

*You can bring in any snacks, drinks or food you like for your party. Our staff will help serve and clean up when you are done. Please note we do not have a refrigerator therefore if you need it cold, bring a cooler.

There is no additional charge for adults or siblings who are not participating in the sewing activity.

We will supply all machines, tools, fabric kits, notions needed for the various projects. We also have tablecloths, napkins, cake plates, forks, spoons and serving utensils available for use during your party.

Parties are always scheduled around our regular class schedules, which include the weekends. We will do our best to find a date/time that works for both of us. However to do that we require at least 2 weeks’ notice.

Sewing 4 Fun Inc.

To check dates: visit the booking page

If you require something that is not on the calendar, please contact us by phone or email.

Sewing Programs For Scouts

Scout leaders….are you looking for something different to do with your girls? How about a sewing activity? Sewing is a life skill, but it can be so much more to your girls. At Sewing 4 Fun, we combine the fun with the learning and tailor the lessons in a way that we guarantee success even if this is your first time sewing!

As a preferred partner with the Girl Scouts of Northern IL, I am able to offer events for full troops, or individual scouts through the council. Look for my programs offered in the “Big Book” or contact me directly by filling out the form below. Private events are usually held at my studio located in Elgin.

I offer:

  • Private events for individual scout troops
  • Workshops (booked through the council)
  • Quick lessons for girls and moms on how to sew on badges
  • TubbyWuby Workshops (hand sewing for younger girls)
Sewing 4 Fun Inc.

Pricing will vary depending on number of girls, projects chosen and length of the program (Typical event is 2 hrs). You can download our Girl Scout Packages here. These packages are a good starting point. However if you have specific needs beyond what’s on our flyer, please be sure to let us know. We will do our best to accommodate you. Call us at 847-345-0979 .

Adult BYOB Sip N Sew Parties

Let’s combine alcohol and a power tool and see what happens!

What could possibly go wrong with drinking and sewing? We say nothing but fun and laughter. With our professional and friendly staff we make sure everyone has a safe and fun experience. Using our state of the art speed controlled sewing machines we know you can be successful even if this is your first time sewing. We Guarantee it! After all if we can teach a 6 year old child how to sew, we’re confident we can teach you.

Projects vary from month to month. Each one is carefully selected to insure success is had by all who attend. If you have a special project you’d like to try (because you saw it on Pinterest) please be sure to let us know, we are always open to new ideas.

Remember this is a BYOB (bring your own beverage) so we won’t be serving any drinks other than water.

Cost: $35 per person (all tools, machines and supplies are included)

Min: 4 Max: 12

Because these are private events, you will need to call Chris to get more details or book a “Sip n Sew” party.