Should you wash your fabric?

This is a question that brings up a lot of debate among sewers. Unfortunately I am not here to answer this for you. In fact there is no answer that is right for everyone. You will need to make your own decisions here...and then live with the consequences of those actions. 

The video below was one that I posted originally in our Facebook Group. It was done live, and yes it was done on my phone, and yes it’s raw and has not be doctored up with any fancy editing. It’s just me sharing my thoughts on this topic. In addition to sharing why you should pre-wash your fabrics before cutting and sewing with them, I also share a valuable tip about how to prevent them from fraying up in the washer.

Watch it and then share your thoughts in the comments below. Do you pre-wash your fabrics…why or why not?

Let the debate continue…..

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