Sewing Summer Camps in Elgin

Keep the kids busy this summer with one of our sewing summer camps. Below are a list of camps being offered here in our Elgin studio and at Elgin Community College.

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Price for camps at our studio / $130.00 for 12 hours – For camps held at Elgin Community College, see their website by clicking the links below.

Watch this “Facebook Live” video to see into the studio. Yes it was live, no editing was done, so forgive the “rawness” of it mistakes, repeats and all!


All camps are Monday – Thursday

June 18th 21st 9:00  12:00 TubbyWubby Critters Sewing 4 Fun Studio
June 18th 21st 1:00 3:00 Emoji Fun Sewing 4 Fun Studio
June 25th 28th 9:00 12:00 Garden Party Elgin Community College
June 25th 28th 1:00 4:00 Beach Fun Elgin Community College
July 16th 19th 9:00 12:00 TubbyWubby Critters Elgin Community College
July 16th 19th 1:00  4:00 TubbyWubby Critters Elgin Community College
July 30th  Aug 2nd 9:00 12:00 Beach Fun Sewing 4 Fun Studio
July 30th Aug 2nd 1:00 4:00 Night Owl Sewing 4 Fun Studio

Other Camp options at Elgin Community College

CEK-008: Cooking Basics (ages 9-14)
CEK-010: Shutterbugs (ages 8-15)
CEK-020: Competitive LEGO Robotics (ages 8-14)
CEK-024: Cooking Party Time Favorites (ages 7-10)
CEK-027: Anime Art & Movies (varies by section)
CEK-030: Summer Theater (ages 10-15)
CEK-034: Young Adult Writing Academy (ages 11-15)
CEK-039: Amigos Spanish (ages 5-10)
CEK-054: Coding With Scratch (ages 7-13)
CEK-057: Phone/Tablet Photography (ages 8-15)
CEK-067: Geology Camp/Fossils (ages 8-12)
CEK-083: Movie-Themed Cooking (ages 7-10)
CEK-084: Cooking Holiday Goodies (ages 7-10)
CEK-103: Bake, Bake, Bake (ages 7-12)
CEK-121: Pre-Algebra (ages 11-13)
CEK-123: Multicultural Cooking (ages 7-10)
CEK-133: Chemical Magic, Microscopes (ages 6-11)
CEK-137: Photoshop Creative Cloud (ages 11-15)
CEK-147: Jr Sous Chef 1 (ages 8-14)
CEK-311: Garden Party Sewing Camp (ages 7-10)
CEK-312: Beach Fun Sewing Camp (ages 7-12)
CEK-314: Sewing Tubby Wubby Critters (ages 7-15)
CEK-316: Ukulele Kids (ages 9-15)
CEK-327: Cooking Latin Explosion (ages 10-15)
CEK-328: A Taste of Asia (ages 10-15)
CEK-329: Italian Food Tour North to South (10-15)
CEK-330: Loving Literature (ages 5-7)
CEK-331: Natural Explorers (ages 5-8)
CEK-332: Musical Adventures (ages 5-8)
CEK-338: Stage Stars (ages 7-11)
CEK-339: Life on the Farm (ages 6-8)
CEK-347: Beginning Korean (ages 6-8)
CEK-351: Let’s Build It Crazy Circuits (ages 6-14
CEK-362: Harry Potter – Science Tour (ages 6-11)
CEK-380: Stem Summer Camp (ages 5-14)
CEK-561: Drawing & Design (ages vary per sectn)
CEK-562: Hand Lettering (ages vary per section)
CEK-563: Exploring Calligraphy 1 (ages 9-11)
CEK-564: Exploring Calligraphy 1 (ages 12-15)
CEK-565: Exploring Calligraphy 2 (ages 12-15)
CEK-566: Painting (ages vary by section)
CEK-567: Natural Science and Art (ages 9-11)
CEK-568: Fun With Sculpey Clay®(ages 9-11)
CEK-569: Book Arts: Make a Journal (ages 12-15)
CEK-620: Guitar Basics (ages vary by section)
CEK-903: Chinese Language Camp (ages 8-11)
CEK-910: Lasers-Galaxies & Then Some (ages 7-12)
CEK-938: Paper and Print (ages 8-12)
CEK-961: Can You Dig It? Fossil Hunt (ages 6-11)
CEK-965: Summer Manufacturing Camp (ages 14-16)