One hour skirt, no pattern required

Want to make a fast and easy skirt without a pattern? Follow these few steps and you can be wearing your one-of-a-kind skirt in about an hour.

simple skirt pattern

Fabric can be woven or knit. I personally like to use a knit for this because it is going to be a straight cut skirt. If you prefer a woven fabric, you might want to add more ease or maybe even a vent in the seam.

  1.  First you need to draft your pattern. Get your fabric out and fold it in half lengthwise. (place the selvage edges together).
  2. Take a marking tool (chalk, pencil or water soluble pen) and draw out (3) horizontal lines as follows.
  3. First one is your waist, plus seam allowance (1.5 inches if using 5/8 inch seam) then add ease (I like 4-6 inches). This line is at the top.
  4. Second line is approximately 8 inches down from there. This line is for your hip. If your hip sits higher or lower than 8 inches, than make adjustments accordingly. Once you have your spot, draw another horizontal line for your hip measurement + seams (1.5 inches) + ease (4 to 6 inches).
  5. Third line is for the hem. Measure down from the waist line, to the desired hem. (this is your finished hem). Now add 1 inch to that number for your actual hem.
  6. Now square up the waist, hip and hem lines using the widest point. If your waist is wider than the hip, use that point. If the hip is bigger than use that point and draw a vertical line from waist to hem. You should have a rectangle.
  7. Cut out your fabric on the waist, side seam and hem lines. DO NOT CUT THE FOLDED EDGE!!

Sewing it up

1) with right sides together sew the side seam. Finish edges if needed.
2) Finish the bottom edge of the fabric, press up 1 inch and stitch your hem. Option 2, do a double fold using 1/2 inch and then another 1/2 inch. this way you don’t have to finish the edges.
3) Press 1/2 inch, then press 1 1/2 inches to the wrong side. Stitch close to the bottom edge of the second fold. Make sure you leave a small whole to insert the elastic.
4) cut a piece of elastic the size of your waist minus 1 inch. Insert the elastic into the casing using a bodkin, or safety pin.
5) join the ends of the elastic and close the opening in the casing.


p.s. If you need help with the pattern drafting, sewing or need to use a machine, I can help.

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