I would like to write a series of posts about my experience with a new product I just bought. This product is supposed to help the home sewer achieve the perfect fit in all her garment sewing projects. (We’ve all heard that one before right ladies and gentlemen?) The company I bought this product from called is Sure Fit Designs. 

Now typically this is where I would tell you all about this company, who they are or how long they have been in business or what makes them so unique. That is not what this blog post is about. If you do want to learn more about Sure Fit Designs I suggest you visit their website. My article will be about my experience with using their product(s) as a customer. My  hope is that if in fact this product works the they way they claim it does, then this article may help other sewers who are struggling with getting patterns to fit their body.

My Sure Fit Designs Experience Begins

My Sure Fit Designs Experience started with an internet search about a year ago when I was looking for help with drafting patterns. I stumbled onto their website and spent quite a bit of time looking through videos and pages of information about how their system works. I was intrigued, but when I got to the pricing page my interest dropped a bit. It looked like it would be easy enough to use, but I wasn’t ready to spend that kind of money. I did however not leave until I signed up for her mailing list just in case she shared some valuable tips…….like a 50% off sale. 😉 A girl can hope right?

Pattern drafting has come into my head multiple times over the years, and I have spent many hours researching how to draw patterns or adjust fit including taking online courses, reading books and countless blog posts only to find out that the process seemed complicated and confusing to me. I even attempted at one time to test drive Pattern Maker software. Although I did learn lots of good things with each step, I still didn’t feel I could solve my fitting issues or help my customers the way I wanted to.

As a self taught sewer I have found many issues with getting patterns to fit me correctly. With my current business of teaching sewing to others this problem continues to occur for many of my customers too. So I have been on the hunt to find a fix for what seems to be a very common problem. In my kids sewing classes we work with basic garments with LOTS of ease, so fit really isn’t our focus. We are more focused on learning the construction methods. But as they branch out beyond these basic garments and want to move to more complex projects they too will be faced with this same issue; naturally looking to me for guidance on how deal with fit issues. And if that weren’t enough reasons….now my business is moving into a whole new category of sewing classes which will be geared toward costume making for things like Anime, Cosplay and Comic Con conventions. For those of you who aren’t familiar with these costumes, let me just say there really aren’t many patterns available, so understanding how to draft patterns will be necessary for me in order to help these students.  So you see I have plenty of motivation to find a system that makes pattern drafting and fitting clothing easy to do not only for  myself but for my customers too.

Fast Forward to the Day I decided to buy

Fast forward to  the day I decided to finally purchase my first Sure Fit Designs kit. After lurking around their site and watching YouTube videos by Glenda Sparling of SFD, I did a little more research and looked for reviews about  her products. I wanted to see reviews from customers outside of the ones she had posted on her site. (We all know that most websites post only their best reviews) I wanted to hear from real people.

The good news is what I did find were all very positive reviews. What I saw repeatedly were statements like ” I’ve sewn up my first pair of pants and they fit perfectly, that’s never happened before!” or “I love my SFD system….because now I can sew clothes that actually fits me.” There were plenty more which you can read for yourself on Patternreview.com . Or do like I did and type in “Sure Fit Designs reviews into your search engine and see what you find.

After seeing such positive reviews, I decided to take my first step and send Glenda an email. I wanted to know if I bought one of the smaller kits and liked how it works, could I upgrade to the works combo package? I mean if it works why not go all the way right? Then I can have all the master patterns for men, women, and children’s patterns for making shirts, skirts, pants, dresses and anything else I wanted to sew up. Well she not only answered me, she answered me in less than 2 hours! This made me very happy. The answer to my question was a big YES!! Just in case you were wondering. Her attention to customer service and assisting the home sewer work through her pattern drafting process was also something I had heard about in a very positive way. My interest was fully peaked now, and with all the positive reviews to the product and her attention to customer service convinced me to pull out the credit card and order my first kit.

Well her attention to service didn’t stop with that first email. I got a phone call from her later that night asking me why I chose to buy the shirt kit over the pants or dress kit? Yes Glenda called me personally to make sure I made the right choice. Now that’s service! I told her my reasoning, and she then began to explain the differences and benefits of the other two kits. She said after reading my initial email which explained why I wanted to try this system, she told me that she thought I’d benefit more from the pants or dress kit. Not just because she wanted to up charge me unnecessarily, but because she truly believed I would achieve better results. And even though the dress kit was more money, I had to agree with her. Just like that, I upgraded my order and purchased the dress kit, which by the way arrived at my door 3 days later!! Glenda really knows her products and she really listens to her customers needs. I am impressed so far.

Drafting the first pattern.

Thank you for reading this post all the way till the end. The process of drafting has been interesting so far. Not completely without issues either. I will share more about that in the next blog post. What I will share with you now is that even though I did run into a few minor issues during my measuring/drafting process Glenda was right there helping me through them. She has not let me down yet and continues to exceed my expectations regarding her attention to customer service. I do feel that so far my Sure Fit Designs experience with her system is all positive….My questions now are: Can I use this “body blueprint” (aka sloper) once I complete all the pattern pieces to design my own patterns or use it to make all those commercial patterns finally fit me properly. Only time will tell.

And speaking of time…………it’s time for me to sign off now and do some more sewing!

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  2. Barb. on December 30, 2019 at 2:08 pm

    I can purchase the older version 1982 at a very reasonable price.
    Is it very different?
    Can I get started with the dress pattern design kit older version or should i wait till I can afford the new version?

    • Chris Dahl on January 11, 2020 at 9:15 pm


      I do not work for or sell SureFit Designs patterns. There is a Facebook group that might be helpful in answering this question better. You can find them here. https://www.facebook.com/surefitdesigns. My personal opinion though is any of their patterns would be worth having. This pattern system is one of the best I have seen on the market, and the owner stands behind her product so much so that if you call or email her, you will get an answer to your questions. Good luck to you with what ever decision you make.

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