First we updated the logo……….See it above this post? Don’t you just love it? I do!! The next step is getting a new address for our studio. Yes you read that right we are moving to a new location.

Don’t worry, it is only about 5 minutes drive from our current location. For some of you that might mean 5 minutes closer and for other 5 minutes further. But trust me it will be worth the drive as this space will be almost 3 times what we have now!

This means we will have more table space for laying out our patterns, and more room at the sewing tables. We won’t have to be on top of each other anymore!! And in addition to all that wonderful space, we have lot’s of new programs in the works.

Here are just a few of our ideas:

  • Adult programs for general Sewing & Quilting (4 week sessions at special prices)
  • New programs for scout troops….yep we can now handle bigger troops!
  • Birthday parties…*this may not be right away but it won’t be long after we open.
  • Mother daughter sessions
  • Open sewing time….that means you can come in and work on your projects using our space, tools and equipment. I know many of you will love this option!
  • FREE sewing sessions….You’ll just have to wait for me to explain that one. 😉

Once we finalize the lease I will post the location and hopefully some photos of  the space as we start to put it all together.

Are you on our mailing list yet? or do you follow our facebook page? If not you should. That way you miss out on all the exciting news about our grand opening.

p.s. we will be having a fashion show at the grand opening. You don’t want to miss our very first fashion show do you?

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