Sewing 4 fun, Inc. is closing the studio located at 1004 S. McLean Blvd. Elgin IL, and moving into a shared space located at 11 E. Main Street in St. Charles IL.

Our new location will not be a storefront, or a private building like it is today in our Elgin location. Instead we have the unique opportunity to share our classroom space inside a local Makerspace / Co-Working space. This is a huge opportunity for us as a business to reach new markets due to the unique nature of Makerspaces. Makerspaces are all about fostering ideas. Whether you like to build things, design things, or just be around other creative minds. These places have room for everyone. We are so thrilled to be a part of this forward thinking facility.

The benefits for you, our customers is sharing a space means lower overhead for us. That translates to affordable programs for you! In addition to what we provide in the way of sewing classes/workshops we will also be able to keep you informed about any other workshops/classes Fox.Build has to offer. Fox.Build is the name of the Makerspace we’re moving into. For more information about Fox.Build, please visit their website.