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The importance of pressing in quilting, from Fons & Porter. Great Tips!!

Functional Design ease for sewing patterns and why it’s important in making items that fit.

Sewing an invisible zipper

How to choose the right sewing pattern…..great info!!

Sewing Machine needles explained in detail. Love the large needle she used for demonstration.

This video gives a good explanation basic functions of a sewing machines. Keep in mind that every machine works a bit different with regards to bobbin winding, bobbin placement and how you adjust stitches. Always refer to your own manual to be sure you wind, place and adjust stitches.

Tips for sewing with patterns for beginners. This video has lots of great tips. I especially like the idea of using the $2.00 bed sheet from a thrift store to test out a new pattern!

This video gives you some great tips on sewing on buttons and how to hem by hand and make almost invisible stitches!