Fox.Build is the new home for Sewing 4 Fun. We closed our Elgin studio at the end of April, 2019. Moving Sewing 4 Fun from the basement was easy. But moving from our 1200 square foot studios was one of the hardest things for me (the owner) to do. I stressed over the move for months before telling my customers, for fear of losing them. Now that it’s all done, I am glad I did it.

Change can be hard, but Fox.Build made it so easy for us

Change can be hard at first, but in the end it can also be a good thing. After all the packing and moving was done, I began to feel the weight lifting. In just a few short weeks, I am now settling into my new location inside of Fox.Build in St. Charles. Everyone here has been so welcoming and helpful. I am inspired by all the creative people I have met here and can’t wait to learn more about what’s available to members.

St.Charles IL has so much to offer

I love the St. Charles downtown area which is always full of activity. Beautiful shops and restaurants on every corner. So much to explore here. The view from the classroom window of the Fox River is amazing!

Fox River near Fox.Build

Being on the second floor while some might view as a challenge, I see as a benefit. After all now I get to add an extra 50 steps to my daily step count each time I go up & down them. 😉 I knew sewing was good for a healthy mind, but now taking classes at our new location inside of Fox.Build it could also be good for your physical health as well. You’re welcome!

Sewing Classroon at Fox.Build

Those of you who have taken classes at the new location have agreed that Fox.Build has so much more to offer a creative person. Being in a shared space where the focus is on creativity means opportunities to learn new things. Both for me as a teacher and yes for you my students. You can continue to attend classes without ever joining their memberships program. However once you see all they has to offer, you might consider it.

Whether you come to check out what Fox.Build has to offer, come for the view of the Fox River or to expand your sewing knowledge. It doesn’t matter to me why you come, just as long as you come and see what Sewing 4 Fun has to offer from our new location in ST. Charles.