Making costumes is an area of sewing that I never thought I’d venture into. But here I am working out the details of my very first Cosplay costume making workshop. My goal will be to give kids a place to learn the fundamentals of sewing and then guide them through the process of bringing their costume ideas into reality.

My business has always been centered around teaching the fundamentals of sewing and primarily to children. So this fits right into that plan. I can still teach sewing fundamentals; the only difference will be instead of making clothing or craft items, we will be making costumes.

The Cosplay sewing classes I will be offering:

I am in the process of putting together several workshops and classes that will be centered around making costumes. I have been contacted by several teens who are looking for help with their sewing. Not just any sewing, but for the sole purpose of make costumes for Cosplay, Anime and Comic Con conventions. Up until about a year ago I had never even heard of this, and now here I am about to embark on a new niche business plan.

The first Cosplay workshop/sewing class will teach you some of the basics, which will be helpful when you start working on your first pattern. This will be a true beginners class as we will be covering things like how to use a sewing machine, how to thread, wind bobbins, etc. Then we learn how to create accurate seams and finally move onto things like buttons, buttonholes and zippers. This class will also cover what you need to know before you buy your patterns and fabric.

The second Cosplay workshop/sewing class will take you through your first pattern. The patterns we will construct will be basic garments which can be easily modified for some of your costume pieces. The purpose here is for you to get an understanding of how to work with a pattern and put use some of the skills you learned in the first costume sewing class.

Unfortunately the pattern industry hasn’t caught onto your Cosplay costume world yet. So the patterns I have carefully selected (based on popular costumes) for this class will include some basic garments like pants, skirts and shirts. With the right fabric and few modifications you could have the foundation for several costumes by the end of this process.

Sewing is a process of continual learning

Sewing is a process and a journey which involves continual learning.  I have been sewing for most of my adult life (let’s just say 30+ years) and I am still learning new things today. That is one of the most attractive parts of this craft to me. I love to learn new things and with sewing I will never run out of ideas or techniques to perfect. And once I have one down, I find another way to achieve that same step or technique. There is always more to learn or better ways to do things.

We live in such an amazing time where information is so readily available and I encourage you to take full advantage of it. Take as many classes, read as many books, check out blogs with tutorials, and watch as many videos as you can. I do!!

Phase three? maybe I should start my own pattern company and create patterns just for cosplayers? Okay let’s not get ahead of ourselves here……….for now it’s back to my workshops. There will be lots of sewing of samples needed and class outlines. In the meantime follow my blog and keep watching for updates on when these classes start.

Happy sewing…or is it Happy Cosplaying?

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