Something new and exciting is about to happen in the sewing room!

Do you Cosplay? Would you like to learn to sew your next costume? Do you live in or near South Elgin IL? If the answer is yes………..then I have some great news to share with you!

Sewing 4 Fun is currently working to put together workshops and classes which will be dedicated to teaching you how to sew costumes for Cosplay, Anime and Comic Con conventions. I am hoping to get this program started as soon as possible. So keep a close eye on my blog or watch my Facebook page for details on when you can start registering. I will be offering classes at my home studio which is in South Elgin, and at 2 park district locations: Bartlett Park District and Carol Stream Park District with more locations to come in 2015.

I want to be sure you have a solid foundation before jumping into complex projects. There are just too many variations of costumes and techniques for me to cover all of them. Therefore I will require each student take my cosplay workshop I before starting any pattern/costume. At least this way I know you have some of the basic skills needed to proceed and start making your first piece of clothing/costume.

Here is a sneak peek at what I am planning on offering:

Cosplay/ Anime Sewing Workshop I will cover the following:

  • How to use a home sewing machine
  • What you need to know before you buy a pattern
  • Thread needles and fabric, the right combination can make a difference
  • Sewing a straight line, sewing accurate seam allowances and finishing seams
  • Working with a pattern including understanding grain line, pattern layout, cutting and markings
  • Sewing zippers, buttons, buttonholes and other closures
  • Sewing applique’s and other forms of trims

Cosplay / Anime Workshop II will put all this good information to use as you sew your first costume piece. We will start with simple garments from an approved list that will let you practice your new skills. I am putting together a list that will include pants, skirts, shorts, blouses and shirts which can be modified or used for several cosplay costumes.

Because this program will run monthly, you can sign up for one or more sessions. Once you have worked through the approved pattern list, you will be ready for my advanced sessions. In the advanced sessions you will be able to bring your ideas to the classroom and together we will work out a plan to bring them to life.

Sewing 4 Fun – where we combine the fun with the learning to provide you with skills that last a lifetime!

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