Sewing tips you wish you knew

Should you wash your fabric?

This is a question that brings up a lot of debate among sewers. Unfortunately I am not here to answer this for you. In fact there is no answer that is right for everyone. You will need to make your own decisions here…and then live with the consequences of those actions.  The video below was…

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Matching dart legs, the easy way

When sewing a dart you want to start with match your dart legs perfectly, and end by sewing them accurately without any puckers. Achieving this goal isn’t as hard as you think. It all starts with proper transferring of the dart markings from the pattern to the fabric. This can be achieved with pins, chalk,…

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Break the code on sewing machine needles

Have you ever tried to figure out what needle is in your machine after not using it for awhile? It’s not as easy unless you have really good vision or a good magnifying glass nearby.  Well not anymore. With this easy to understand chart from Schmetz which I found on the Craftsy website the mystery…

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