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Sewing 4 Fun has been sharing the joy of sewing and quilting with adults and children as young as 6 since 2012.

It all started with one women’s passion for creating. After many years or trial and (lot’s of error) she found her way to becoming a confident and passionate sewer/quilter. This eventually lead her to a full-time business  which is now dedicated to providing sewing & quilting lessons  to adults & kids as young as 6. Her classroom is full of fun and support. No matter who she works with, she is always patient and encouraging. (Some say it’s like having your own cheerleader in class with you). In the early year these lessons took place in her home. As a way to reach more students Chris Dahl, began to bring her machines & supplies with her to various places around her community. Places like park districts, libraries, quilt shops, her local Girl Scout Council, & to a number of scout troop meeting locations. She also went to private homes for a while. Pretty much anywhere there was the slightest interest in learning to sew she would be there. In the beginning she didn’t make much money at this, in fact it was more about the pure joy of sharing her knowledge and exposing others to the fun of creating.  What little money she did make, typically was spent on more fabric and supplies to support her own sewing habits. 😍

For a few years she even started teaching online through various websites, doing live lessons and recorded ones which eventually ended up on YouTube.  If you go look at them, you will see they are pretty basic, no frills. Not exactly high quality either. LOL but the content is really good.  (disclaimer: Some of these videos are for another website which she is no longer associated with.) She also created and sold a several quilt patterns through through that other website. Some of them can still be purchased here. on this site. 

In 2012, she began the next phase of her business ideas, which was teaching kids 6+ from her home studio. As word began to spread, she soon realized she might be onto something. There is a need for sewing lessons for kids. After all, there really aren’t any places where kids can get ongoing lessons. Sure, some schools offer a few short courses, and there are a few at one of the big box stores (aka JoAnn Fabrics). But that was about it. This became her new focus and passion for the next 3+ years. As this business grew (mostly by word of mouth), she got bigger ideas. To expand to adults, add in Birthday Parties and events for girl scout troops. For this she needed a bigger space, a retails space.

Today she is in her new retail space and loving it! Sewing 4 Fun Inc. is located at 1004 S. McLean Blvd., in Elgin IL. This beautiful 1200 square foot classroom is stocked full of state of the art computerized sewing machines, tools and plenty of inspiration for new sewers. Her walls are bright, cheerful, and covered with all sorts of samples of her work. Whether your passions are for general sewing, pattern making, quilting, home decor, crafts, clothing or costumes. Chris Dahl is waiting and ready to help you get there. Most of her classes are open style, which means you (the student) are in control of what projects you work on and how many classes you need to achieve your own individual goal. For those who need more focus, or don’t know where to start…she will provide you with plenty of “first time” projects to help you get started.

Besides the ongoing classes, she also offers Birthday Parties, Workshops, Camps, and special event for Girl Scout troops. No matter how you find your way to her classroom, she guarantees you will not only have fun, but you probably won’t want to leave either!

Take a look around her site, and if you have any questions…do not hesitate ask, she is very responsive to inquiries.


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