Make a skirt without a pattern

knit floral skirt

Knit floral skirt

Make an easy skirt without a pattern

We all have that favorite skirt that we just wear to death. We like it because it fits well, and is comfortable right? And if you’re lucky it also flatters your figure. Well that’s exactly the case for my black skirt.

black knit skirt

favorite black knit skirt

This is my favorite black knit skirt which I can wear with heals and a nice top, or dress it down with a t-shirt or tank top and sandals. It is comfortable and practical because of the easy wash and wear knit fabric.

Since it has gotten a lot of use, I thought I might need to find me another one soon. But so far I haven’t found anything like it in the stores.

knit floral skirt

Knit floral skirt

So the next best thing was to make one. But I didn’t have a pattern and didn’t see the need to buy one for such a simple skirt. So I took the black skirt laid it on some pattern paper and began to trace out the shape. I added 5/8 inch seam allowances, figured in 2 inches for the elastic casing and then added 1.5 inches for my hem. I cut a front and back panel, and began sewing.

Sew up the left side seam, sew up the right side seam, make a casing insert elastic and fold up the hem and we’re done! My new easy wear knit skirt!



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